Crossroads Students

Crossroads Students

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Length: 38:35 Speaker: Matt Strader Date: February 12, 2017 Series: No Strings Attached

The last 5 minutes of this audio were lost due to technical difficulties but we've attached the slides so you can know what was shared.

The strongest line Matt shared to the guys at the end of the message was: "Stop being a little boy that wants to get touched... LEAD! Lead her... be a MAN!"

Hopefully this message serves you well as a student and a parent. We love you all and hope that God continues to call you and equip you to view dating and sex his way.

Also, we handed out pieces of yarn to all the students (pink for girls, and blue for guys) as a "string" to tie on your wrist to say I'm doing "dating/sex" God's way and not the "No strings attached" way of the world.

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