About us

Crossroads Students

Crossroads Students:

We exist to help every student discover and grow to maturity and mission in Jesus Christ!

We want each student to…

Connect Relationally: As human beings, we need one another. We were designed by our maker to be in community. We place a huge priority on creating a relational environment where students can find a sense of belonging and encouragement for their daily lives.

Grow Personally: We were all created to be in a relationship with God. It is our passion to help students discover who Jesus Christ is, and to equip them to have a growing and lifelong relationship with Him!

Engage Missionally: The only Hope for our corrupt and pain-filled world is the Love of God! God has called us to be ‘on mission’ for him (2 Cor. 5:17-21). As his people, we are sent out as missionaries into the world to make disciples!


Senior High Leaders:

Guys: Girls:
Jason Aschliman Nicole Davis
Aaron Dunlap Ashlyn Dunlap
Austin Dunlap Missy Eberle
Elijah Esquibel Taylor Eberly
Brian Gochenour
Carley Hoffmire
Terry Johnson
Jenn King
Brandon Schroeder Kylee Oyer
Nick Ulrich
Karen Pennington
Jonah Waidelich Lauren Short
Ron Waidelich Katy Ulrich

JUnior High Leaders:

6th Grade Boys: 6th Grade Girls:
Trevan Kindinger, Clay Gerig, Joe Beck
Sherrill Woodard, Katie Bronson, Bethany Krueger
7th Grade Boys: 7th Grade Girls:
David Woodard, Tyler Keckley
Ashley Clausing, Carla Reber, Julie Waidelich, Lynae Fry
8th Grade Boys: 8th Grade Girls:
Jay Reber, Mick Britenriker, Jackson Waidelich
Jordan Short, Katelyn Britenriker, Ella Bautista